Fireflies join meetings based on invitations created in Google or Outlook Calendar. It follows the start time of the event and uses the web-conferencing URL to join the call. Make sure there is no password to enter your meetings so Fireflies can join.

There are different ways to invite Fireflies to your meetings. Select the option that is best for your situation.

When it is time, Fireflies will ask permission to join the meeting and the Meeting Host will receive a prompt

The Meeting Host may click Admit to allow recording or Deny Entry to proceed without it. Fireflies join meetings as a participant. If given permission to join, its name would appear as Notetaker.

How to Remove Notetaker From the Meeting

Just like any participant, you can kick out Fireflies-ai Notetaker at any time. It will stop recording from that point, but still, process the transcription for the duration it was in the meeting.

This way, you can get a portion of your meeting recorded and transcribed, and once you kick out Notetaker, continue talking to the rest of the participants in private.

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