First, log in to your Fireflies account. To get to the specific meeting you want to edit, simply click Notebook on the left menu.

Then click the name of the meeting on your list.

On the page for the meeting, the transcription is found on the right section.

You may hover your mouse over the text, highlighting sentences. If you click on it, you can hear the audio for that line. This is a handy way to check what is being said compared to the transcript.

To start editing the transcript, hit the Edit Transcript button. Notice the background would change to gray. This indicates you would now be able to make changes by clicking on the text and start writing.

When you’re finished, just hit End Editing, and the changes you made would be retained.

Change the Speaker Name

You would be able to indicate the names of the speakers. Just click on the headline (next to the profile icon) and change the text. Fireflies can tell apart different speakers, so paragraphs would be headlined by the different speakers' names.

Remember that, if you change a speaker name, all other paragraphs associated with that speaker would change names.

Whether you need to streamline a discussion, remove unnecessary dialogue, or proofread for grammar, Fireflies makes it easy for you to make changes on the fly.

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