A teammate is someone that shares the same workspace with you. You can invite teammates and check the teammates who are part of your workspace by going to https://app.fireflies.ai/team-settings

You can share your meeting recordings and transcripts across your entire team. You can also comment and flag important moments from meetings that you or your teammates can refer back to.

Do I have to pay for additional seats?

Yes. 1 teammate = 1 seat.

Do all teammates need to be on the same tier?

Yes. The admin and all teammates are automatically set to the same tier. If the admin is on Pro then all teammates will be on pro. If the admin is on Business tier than all teammates will be on the business tier.

I do not want to pay for additional fees

You can Deactivate your team member by doing the following:
- Go to Team Settings
- Look for the email address of the teammate you want to cancel
- Click the three (3) dots across your teams' email address
- Click the Deactivate button.

Can my teammate invite Fred to their meetings and have them transcribed?

Yes. If they are part of the workspace, they will enjoy the same functionality that the Team Admin is enjoying.

I do not want my teammate to view all my meetings

You can edit your personal Privacy Settings on app.fireflies.ai/settings and select any of the following:

  • Anyone with the link
  • Only Participants & Teammates
  • Only Participant
  • Only Teammates
  • Only You
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