Today, Fireflies needs to join the meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, MSFT Teams, etc in order to capture and transcribe it.

We are working on a new integration that will let you have your meetings transcribed instantly without having to invite Fireflies to meetings or have it show up on the call. With this new integration, if you record the meeting from within Zoom, our system will be able able to automatically transcribe it and add it to your Fireflies notebook.

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We'll notify you once the beta is live!

This new integration will:

  1. Only capture meetings you want to record
  2. Ensure call recording compliance is smoothly handled via Zoom, Meet, Teams etc
  3. Prevent audio loss and ensure greater reliability
  4. Generate better audio and transcription quality
  5. Be more comfortable for participants who don't want the Fireflies Bot on call
  6. Allow you to have previously recorded meetings transcribed
  7. Make it easier to get admin/company approval before turning on Fireflies
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