Method 1: Calendar Invites

  1. Open Skype and click Meet Now to get the meeting URL

2. Copy the meeting URL

3. Create a calendar invite on Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
4. Send a calendar invite to (Fred is our AI assistant)
5. Make sure there is a Skype URL somewhere in the calendar invite

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to remove the Hangouts Meet link.

Method 2: Auto-join Settings

  1. Change your Fireflies meeting settings to auto-join in Fireflies will automatically join any meeting on your calendar that has a Skype URL and there is no need to manually invite it each time

Method 3: Chrome Extension

  1. Download the Fireflies Chrome Extension
  2. When you're creating a calendar invite, a button will visible inside the calendar invite

3. Click Transcribe with to add Fred to the meeting

IMPORTANT! Make sure there is a Skype url somewhere on the calendar invite

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