If Fireflies joined a meeting you thought it shouldn't have, review the following to see why it happened.

1. If you are a Fireflies user with an active account:

Go to app.fireflies.ai/settings and check your meeting join settings.

If the join settings are set to join all calendar events, this explains why Fireflies auto-joined a meeting you didn't invite it to. Learn more here

You can change your settings to only join when you explicitly invite fred@fireflies.ai

2. If your settings were on manual and Fireflies still joined the call:

See if other meeting participants on the meeting are Fireflies users. If they have Fireflies enabled it could have joined the meeting on their behalf.

3. If you are not a Fireflies user and for some reason see Fireflies in the meeting:

The most likely explanation is that one of the participants on the meeting or calendar invite is a Fireflies user and has Fireflies enabled. Ask your participants to verify.

As always, the host of the meeting can remove Fireflies from a call they didn't intend for it to join.

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