Pro & Business tier users have access to meeting and audio file transcription. Here are the monthly rate limits.

Transcription Limits:

  1. Pro Tier Transcription: 1500 mins/mo/user included for free
  2. Business Tier Transcription: 2000 mins/mo/user included for free

Additional mins cost $0.03/min

Your minutes reset at the start of each month. Unused mins do not rollover

There are many ways you can get meetings transcribed:

Web-Conferencing Capture, Audio File Uploads, Zapier Audio Uploads, Dialers, etc

Storage Limits: 

  1. Free Tier: 3,000 mins/team
  2. Pro Tier: 8,000 mins/team
  3. Business Tier: Unlimited for team

Is storage limit per month or total amount ?

Storage limit is the all time total storage limit for you and your teammates. It's similar to cloud storage limit for an online storage system like Gdrive or Dropbox. There is no monthly rate limit on storage. For example, you could have 3000 mins of web-conferencing meetings in month 1 and hit your storage limit on the free tier.

What happens when I hit the storage limit?

  1. Your future meetings will be captured
  2. However, you will need to delete files from your notebook to be able to access them.

How much transcription does my team get?

If you've purchased multiple seats then your team has access to a pool of transcription credits that you can share each month. For example if you bought 10 seats of the Pro tier, your team of 10 will get 15,000 mins of transcription/mo before you're charged for additional mins. There is no restriction on how the credits are shared. You can have 1 person use all 15,000 mins of credits if you like.

Can I get past meetings while on the free tier transcribed when I upgrade?
 Yes that is available for users who are on the business tier. See here for more details.

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