Zoom has made recent changes that make meetings require passwords by default. They've also turned on waiting rooms by default, which require you to manually accept participants into a meeting.  

To have Fireflies successfully join and capture meetings when a password is required, here is what you need to do.

When inviting Fireflies via calendar invites: 

On the calendar invite, include the meeting password. 

Example of Default Zoom Format: 

When inviting Fireflies from Add to Live Meeting Module:

If you are using the Add to live meeting module on app.fireflies.ai use the Zoom URL that includes the meeting password in it 

Example of Zoom generated URL with the password included:

Alternative Approaches:

You can modify your Zoom settings and turn off meeting passwords. 

Waiting Rooms:

To have a more seamless experience, you can also disable waiting rooms so that Fireflies can join meetings on time. 

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