Fireflies Chrome Extension is an add-on that provides a convenient way to invite fred@fireflies to your meetings. Install it on your Google Chrome browser to add a Transcribe with button when you're creating a Google Calendar invite.

How to Install Fireflies Chrome Extension

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store.

2. Search for Fireflies gCal Integration or simply click here.

3. Click Get Chrome Extension, and then hit Add to Chrome.

You have successfully installed Fireflies Chrome Extension.

How to Use Chrome Extension

1. Go to your Google Calendar.

2. Click on a time slot for your event.

3. Fill in the details of the event like the title, schedule, guests, reminders, etc.

4. Click on Transcribe with, which will invite to your meeting for recording and transcription.

5. Click Save to finalize the meeting.

6. When you get the prompt asking you to confirm sending the invite, make sure you hit Send.

The button is also a handy tool that reminds you whenever you're creating a meeting if you want it to be recorded and transcribed.

Note that you should be on manual mode when you're using Fireflies Chrome Extension. This just means Fireflies only joins the meetings you explicitly tell it to. To make sure this is the case, go to Settings. On the Autojoin Settings section, select Join only when I invite

Uninstalling Chrome Extension

If your Autojoin Settings are set to Join all that have a dial-in number, Fireflies will still join your meetings regardless if you uninstalled the Chrome Extension. To fix this, change your selection in your Settings page.

Removing the Chrome Extension does not cancel your account.

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