How to Set up a Fireflies Salesforce Integration

How to Embed Transcripts & Audio Directly in Salesforce

Make sure your Salesforce account is already connected to Fireflies. To check, go to the Integrations page and look for Salesforce. You should see a green check mark if it's connected. If not, follow the steps above before proceeding.

Enable Transcripts: 

  • Within the sales app, edit the navigation bar to add more items.
  • Search Transcripts and add.

Using Fireflies Transcripts:

  • Select Transcripts from the navigation menu
  • Select Contact and View Transcripts.
  • Now you can view all transcripts of a Contact within Salesforce
  • Click on View Full Transcript for a detailed view.

Note: All of the notes Fireflies sends into Salesforce will automatically have Transcripts available. You will be able to read, search and listen to the transcript in a new section called Transcripts.

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