You can reach out to or via our live chat to request an account downgrade.

To cancel your Fireflies subscription, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Sign in to Fireflies.
  • Navigate to Settings¬†
  • Scroll down to the bottom¬†
  • Click Delete account.
  • Answer the questions on the form and click Delete Account to proceed.

Note: Account cancellation is permanent after 30 days and it cannot be retrieved or reactivated. Any audio files, transcripts or notes will be lost.

Refund Process:

If you are on the monthly plan and have used Fireflies in less than 3 meetings in under 7 days, you are entitled to a complete refund. All other refunds are prorated by the month. The annual plan does not come with any refunds after the 7 day mark or if more than 20 meetings were processed.

Why is this policy enforced:

In order to avoid system abuse by users who upload a high number of meetings and then request refunds, this is a system level safeguard we put in place.

Please reach out to for more questions or inquiries.

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