To invite Fireflies to meetings:

  • Create a meeting on Google or Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Invite to the meeting

Include a dial-in number or pin somewhere on the calendar invite

Fireflies can only join meetings that have a dial in number and pin somewhere on the calendar invite.

Here is another example of a calendar invite

Fireflies will automatically join the meeting based on the starting time on the meeting invitation

You’ll know Fireflies is on the call when you see a participant from the number 415-212-5899

If you have your settings set to auto-join meetings, there is no need to manually invite  Fireflies will automatically detect meetings that have a web-conferencing dial-in option on your calendar and join the call. 

Fireflies can work with 20+ web-conferencing systems including Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, etc. Learn more here

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