To invite Fireflies to meetings:

  • Create a meeting on Google or Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Invite to the meeting

For Google Meet or Zoom, include the web conferencing URL somewhere on the calendar invite.

For other web conferencing app, include the dial-in number and pin. Please note that Fireflies cannot join meetings that requires passwords.

When it is time, Fireflies will ask permission to join the meeting and the Meeting Host will receive a prompt.

If the Meeting Host admits Fireflies, you will see a participant with the name Fireflies-ai Recorder Fred.

If you have your settings set to auto-join meetings, there is no need to manually invite  Fireflies will automatically detect meetings that have a web-conferencing url or dial-in option on your calendar and join the call. 

Fireflies can work with 20+ web-conferencing systems including Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, etc. Learn more here

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