Fireflies gives you options on how to invite it to your meetings. Select from the methods listed below based on your preference or situation.

Method 1: Calendar Invites

1. Create a meeting on Google or Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

2. Invite to the meeting.

For Google Meet or Zoom, make sure to include the web conferencing URL on the calendar invite.

For other web conferencing apps like RingCentral, make sure to include the Dial-in Number and PIN.

Note that Fireflies cannot join meetings that require passwords.

If you prefer this manual method, make sure you have selected Join only when I invite on Autojoin Settings.

Method 2: Autojoin Settings

Configure Fireflies to automatically join meetings. Fireflies will automatically join any meeting on your calendar that has a Zoom URL. There would be no need to manually invite it each time.

1. Go to Settings.

2. On the Autojoin Settings section, select either the option Join all calendar events that have a meeting link or Join only calendar events that I own.

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Method 3: Chrome Extension

1. Download the Fireflies Chrome Extension

2. Create an event through Google Calendar.

3. Invite by simply hitting the Transcribe with button.

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Method 4: Fireflies Dashboard

1. Go to your Fireflies Dashboard.

2. Fill out the Meeting Name and the Meeting URL on the Add to live meeting module.

3. Set the Duration.

4. Click Join Now.

How do I know that Fireflies joined my meeting?

When it is time, Fireflies will ask permission to join the meeting and the Meeting Host will receive a prompt.

If the Meeting Host admits Fireflies, you will see a participant with the name Fireflies-ai Notetaker.

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