Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Sign up with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar

Step 3: Select the Type of Meetings that you are going to use Fireflies with. Doing this will allow the transcription to be more accurate.

Step 4: Select which meetings Fireflies should join. You can configure it so that Fireflies joins all your meetings or only specific meetings that you invite it to. 

Our system will detect which meetings are with teammates and which meetings are with external folks based on the email domains of the other participants on the meeting invite.

Fireflies is activated and ready to use!

You can now start inviting your AI assistant, Fred, as a participant by adding as a Guest to your calendar invites. 

If you have your settings set to auto-join meetings, there is no need to manually invite Fred.

For Google Meet or Zoom, include the web conferencing URL somewhere on the calendar invite. 

For other web conferencing app, please include the dial-in number and pin.

Fireflies will automatically detect meetings that have a web conferencing url or a dial-in number and pin and join at the start of the meeting.

Learn more about the 20+ web-conferencing systems that Fireflies can work with

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