Setup (Very Important):

In order to use Fireflies with Zoom, you need to make sure your Zoom Settings are updated to support it. 

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and make sure Only authenticated users can join meetings from the Web Client is turned off. 

Because our AI assistant joins as a guest from the Zoom Web SDK, this needs to be updated in order for Fireflies to join your meetings reliably without any issues.

Once those settings are updated, here are 4 different ways you can invite Fireflies to your meetings. 

Method 1: Calendar Invites

  • Send a calendar invite to (Fred is our AI assistant)
  • Make sure there is a Zoom URL somewhere in the calendar invite. 

Method 2: Auto-join Settings

  • Change your Fireflies meeting settings to auto-join in Fireflies will automatically join any meeting on your calendar that has a Zoom URL and there is no need to manually invite it each time.

Method 3: Chrome Extension 

  • Download the Fireflies Chrome Extension
  • When you're creating a calendar invite, a button will visible inside the calendar invite. 
  • Click Transcribe with to add Fred to the meeting.  
  • Make sure there is a Zoom url somewhere on the calendar invite and do not forget to remove the Google Meet URL.

Method 4: From Fireflies Dashboard

  • Go to your Fireflies dashboard
  • Type the Meeting name and the Meeting URL on the Add to live meeting module
  • Select the Duration
  • Click Join now

Other Settings

Turn On Join Before Host

Sometimes, you are going to be joining the meeting late and by turning this on, it will make sure Fireflies joins on time even if you are running a few mins late. 

Turn On/Off  Waiting Room 

If you want to be able to explicitly approve Fireflies into a meeting at the start of the Zoom call you can turn this on. It’s just another layer of security in case you don’t want it in the meeting. 

Kicking Fireflies Out Of Meetings

If for whatever reason you need Fireflies to leave the meeting, you can kick it out of a meeting just like you would kick a Zoom participant out. Fireflies will not capture the remaining part of the meeting.

Meetings With Passwords

Fireflies can join Zoom meetings that have a password if the password is included in the body of the calendar invite with the default Zoom formatting.

If you are inviting Fireflies to a meeting in the Add to Live Meetings Module of the dashboard, make sure the zoom url includes the password


Also check Zoom Settings

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